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college graduation with flying colors

in Wave One Mon Feb 05, 2018 11:48 am
by holzier33 • 1 Post

Poorer students mostly want to complete their degree because they know it is a ticket to a better life. They also know they need to work so they can pay for all of the extras not paired for by scholarships and loans. Schools make the mistake that these students have Daddy Warbucks waiting at home to send $400 for a required textbook. As stated in the report from hireessaywriter.orgcolleges are just starting to realize that some students are couch surfing, living in cars, and the library just to finish because they do not have money for rent. This is not just one or two universities, it is nearly all of them.

So college may be a 4 year party for the wealthy students who really just need to get their ticket punched before moving on to a 6-figure life. These people will graduate when the party is just about over, when mom/dad cut them off. Most of the rest get caught up in life, something many professors do not acknowledge. These student often have jobs, kids, families that need their assistance and support. Jobs don't want to hear I need time off to study. Professors don't want to hear my kid is sick, I have to work, and I cannot afford you $100 required course pack. Nearly everyone I attended college (a major land grant) with had to quit and come back years later. Every single person quit due to financial reasons. Everyone was capable of a 4.0 gpa but there is only so many hours in a day and with work eating up 5-8 hours, 6-7 days a week, there is not much left.

This are still pretty much the same today. My husband is trying to finish two degrees that will help keep him employed. I am thankful his job allows him to take 1 class a semester. We cannot afford to have him be a fulltime student, and yes, his 4.0 gpa is suffering due to the 48 hours of work each week.

College funding must change if taxpayers, parents, and society want to see a return on their investments.

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